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Underground Conference 13 (2nd try)
- The final Edition! - 

Your crazy demoscene festival
Sunday, June 16 to Sunday, June 23 2024
Bingen am Rhein / Germany


Join us for up to SEVEN DAYS at our record-breaking outdoor demoparty.

Running occasionally since 1995, Underground Conference is the hidden gem when it comes to demo parties. It's the oldest demoparty in Germany still taking place.

At UC you will see things you have never before seen at a demoparty. We have got plenty of over-the-top features and creative competitions like you have never seen before.

For a couple of years now, we've extended UC to run for a full week, making it the longest non-stop demoparty in scene history. You can think of UC as a combination of a scener's summer vacation, a camp to work on releases, followed by a extended weekend full of competitions ranging from traditional to confusingly weird.

From the first Sunday to Wednesday, it's time to relax and work on your productions or installations. Then from Thursday to Sunday, most competitions are running. Can't afford the full week? No problem, you can also just join from Thursday on.

This will be the final edition held at this location. So don't miss this final chance!

To avoid confusion: UC13 originally was scheduled to happen in 2023. However, due to $circumstances, we had to cancel/postpone the event for that year. At some places, for example the invitation demo, you'll still see the old date mentioned. Please however do NOT board a time machine to go back to 2023, instead please stay in 2024. This does not apply in case you are reading this text in the year 2035. In that case a time machine would help, indeed.

The party starts in:


Check out our invitation demo for the party. Check the video on the right, or even better, watch it like it's meant to be - on your PC.

Again: This mentions the party date in July 2023. No, you are not late. The party takes place in June 2024!


This video is providing a couple of impressions from UC9 & UC10. This is what to expect: A whole week of fun, competitions and chilling and dancing with your friends.