Registration & Tickets

At a first, we ask you to register as soon as possible. Once you registration is approved, you should purchase your ticket. Tickets will be sold on first-come, first-serve basis to people who are already registered.

There will be no tickets sold at the imaginary door, no exceptions! You need to have bought a valid ticket online prior to the party taking place.

To actually buy your ticket, please after logging in select "Account -> Shop".


Doing this event is extremely expensive for us. This is not only because we are booking a 25.000m² location for it, but also because we need to provide sanitary facilities at a place where there is neither running water nor sewage. And then of course there are the millions of features we have, including the gigantic 7x4 bigscreen and the non-tent tent.

Compared to 2021 sadly our cost to produce enough energy using a bad ass Diesel generator has doubled, which means we had to slightly raise the entrance fee. 

Due to all this the entrance fee for the 7 days is 220 €. If you are not able to stay the full week, there is an extended weekend ticket available, valid from Thursday to Sunday, for 140 €. Please note that we are paying for the peak amount of visitors, so you staying shorter does not reduce our cost. Seriously, try to stay the full week for the real festival feeling.

In case you are really really poor, there is our social ticket for 95 €. Please note that we are making a heavy loss on each of those, so use this option wisely.

The ticket price includes the mandatory rapid Covid-19 test before entering the party, and the optional daily ones. 


Should we have to cancel the party, we will refund all paid tickets in full.

Should you have to cancel your trip due to having been exposed to the Corona virus, you will be refunded in full.

If you have to cancel for other reasons, we will not be doing cash refunds. Instead you will be sent your RULE card and - if ordered - T-Shirt, and credit you half of the entrance fee to the card so you can use it next year to spend it on booze.


UC formally is run as a corporate event by main organizer scamp's company Nerdherrschaft GmbH.

UC of course still is a 100% non-profit event, as you would expect from any demo party. Any profit the party is making will be given out as competition prize money. Any losses the event makes will be covered by scamp's company. Typically UC is making a heavy loss each year :)


We are offering both private and corporate tickets.

The standard ticket is calculated in a way that it covers the cost and contributes a bit towards the competition prize money. In case you are really poor for whatever reason, there is a discounted social ticket. We are making a loss on it, it barely covers the cost for the Covid-19 tests. Therefore please only choose it if you absolutely must. And finally there is the supporter ticket. If you are lovely person and can afford it, buying this one basically sponsors a poor person who is buying a social ticket.

The corporate tickets are basically a small-scale sponsorship, and will come with a written invoice which can be deducted as a corporate expense for an IT conference. If you work in a or run a company, it is a perfect way to help us make the whole thing happen.



Poor is beautiful

€ 95
incl. 19% VAT

If you can not afford the regular ticket. We are making a HEAVY loss here, so please use wisely.

  • Full week


The real thing

€ 220
incl. 19% VAT

This the standard ticket. If you aren't a socialist or squirrel, this is what to aim for.

  • Full week


Leftovers included

€ 140
incl. 19% VAT

Can't get a vacation granted by employer or family? At least join us for the weekend.

  • Thursday to Sunday


Support the poor

€ 345
incl. 19% VAT

This pays the other half of a social ticket for those sceners who can not afford a regular ticket.

  • Full week



€ 300
+ 19% VAT

Written tax invoice for participation in a corporate conference.

  • Full week


 € 500
+ 19% VAT

Written tax invoice for participation in a corporate conference.

  • Full week


€ 750
+ 19% VAT

Written tax invoice for participation in a corporate conference.

  • Full week


€ 1000
+ 19% VAT

Written tax invoice for participation in a corporate conference.

  • Full week